Faculty Vision:

To train physiotherapists who will provide an essential component of health service. To ensure that its graduates play an active role in the promotion, improvement and maintenance of the mobility, health and well-being of people.

The Mission:

The Faculty of Physiotherapy at Deraya University aims to lead through best practice and to promote knowledge acquisition through ongoing inquiry. It aims to transfer to its students all relevant knowledge and skills. The Faculty intends to train its students so that they may help patients to regain their functional mobility as well as promote health and well-being.

The Faculty Objectives:

The College of Physiotherapy at Deraya University provides a supportive environment that aims at developing and nurturing students' skills. The ultimate goal is to train our students to be first class physiotherapists. Our program aims at teaching the students the necessary detailed knowledge about the movement of the human body and causes of problems. Students learn how physiotherapy interventions for patients with neurological and/or musculoskeletal conditions can help them move better and relieve their pain.

Specifically, the Faculty aims:

  1. To operate an educational institution based on scientific research and focused on the integration of the latest theories and practices of Physiotherapy.
  2. Providing outstanding education and professional development to students studying for a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy.
  3. To train its graduates to have the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in accordance with local and international standards as well as provide them with the appropriate ethical standards expected to be employed by health-care professionals.
  4. Conducting relevant scientific research and cooperating with other research centers focusing on the field of physiotherapy and to publish scientific papers in the field of physiotherapy.
  5. Commitment to lifelong learning, in order to enable its alumni to compete in the labor market.
  6. Entering into Agreements with national, regional and international organizations and centers to exchange experiences and conduct joint scientific research on different areas of specialization.